Choosing your Bridal Bouquet….



Try these seven tips when selecting your bouquet:

  1. Consider your body shape

Think proportion. Your height should be the first consideration. Share your height measurement with your florist when you discuss the length of your bouquet. Consider your overall body shape. Your physical form should influence the shape and width of your bouquet.

For example, a petite bride could opt for a smaller bouquet that doesn’t overwhelm or hide the dress. Smaller bouquets can be just as impressive as larger ones. Taller brides can accent their height and look very graceful holding a longer, cascading bouquet. A bride with a fuller figure might choose a larger bouquet rich in detail to capture the eye. A long, cascading design will flatter a full figure and lengthen its look by drawing the eye down instead of across the body.

  1. Select colors that complement

Your choice of color harmony for wedding flowers and bridal gown should take into consideration the hue of your complexion, hair color and makeup. Brides with dark complexion and hair can opt for a stronger floral color palette than a bride with fair skin and light colored hair. Colors that are too bold can make a bride with a delicate complexion look fragile. Crisp whites are attractive on brides with a darker complexion and hair, while softer ivory tones highlight a bride with more delicate coloring. Adjusting your choice of makeup and accessories to fit your personal coloring and attire is important, as well. If you are unsure as to which colors complement, seek the advice of a professional makeup artist and florist. LINK

  1. Highlight the style of your dress

Keep the cut and detail of a dress in mind when designing your bouquet so the two complement each other. The style of your dress should influence the style of your bouquet. A traditional dress with a full skirt calls for a larger, more detailed bouquet for balance. A contemporary over-the-arm sheath or cuff bouquet cascading vertically would suit an elegant dress with a slim silhouette. A traditional cascade can accent the bodice of an empire waist, while a simple, casual dress is best accessorized with a small, informal bouquet. The traditional dress of a specific culture needs a bouquet that fits the same theme.

  1. Pay attention to detail

Equally important is the ornamentation of the dress. If your dress has many intricate details you will want to highlight those by using complementary detail in your flowers. If your dress is beautifully adorned, be careful not to allow the bouquet to overwhelm the dress with finishing details that are too busy, flowers that are too textural, or a size that is too large and hides the dress.

  1. Ask about pricing

Ask what seasonal, bouquet flower choices are available in your price range. Ask for suggestions of appropriate substitutions should your first choices be unavailable or out of your budget. Realize that flowers are a perishable product and their availability can vary due to conditions that florists cannot control such as weather, transport, and quality issues. Place your confidence in their professional ability to make appropriate substitutions, if necessary. Agree on a price point for your bouquet and the bouquets for your bridesmaids. Discuss flower choices that fit in that price range.

  1. Continue the look

Provide the same basic information to your florist concerning your bridesmaids and their gowns. Offer estimations of height and body profiles, complexion and hair colors, and any special considerations for each girl. Provide a picture of their dresses and a color swatch, if possible. These details with help you and your florist to select a style and color palette for their flowers that complements your bridal bouquet.

  1. Confirm your selections

Your professional florist can help you select flowers that personalize your style, accessorize your dress and complement your figure. With their guidance, make your selections. Once you have placed the order for your bouquet(s) and paid a deposit on the wedding flowers, ask for a description of your choices (and possible substitutions) in writing.

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Did you get a ring with your Valentine roses?

If an engagement ring came with your Valentine roses….let the planning begin. We would love to talk with you about your plans. Begin by collecting ideas in a scrapbook or on a pinterest page. We love to see what brides-t0-be have collected and are thinking about.

Give us a call and set up a time to come and talk with us.


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What is Woman’s Day?

There are some amazingly influential women throughout history and today – from business to politics to athletics to philanthropy to celebrity. Just take a look at Forbes’ picks for the world’s most powerful women. And then there are the amazing women we interact with on a daily basis. The teachers who dedicate their time and talents to our kids. The women who spend countless hours helping at school and in the community. The friends who are there for us when we need them, whether for a good laugh or a good cry. The women who work hard at their jobs, whether in the office or at home, and still take care of themselves, their families and friends. The list goes on and on! 

With International Women’s Day just around the corner, it gives us an opportunity to show appreciation to those female heroes in our lives. Held annually on March 8, Women’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate the achievements of women from around the world. With efforts dating back as early as 1908, the occasion is observed today in more than two dozen countries. Women’s Day has gained traction in the U.S. in recent years, with 2012 noting 263 events to inspire women.

Do you know a woman — mom, sister, daughter, friend, spouse, co-worker — who deserves to be celebrated? Honor, respect and love translate so beautifully with flowers. In fact,research shows that flowers create instant delight and increase happiness and life satisfaction, so they are the perfect gift to make her smile. Whether sending across the miles or next door, your florist is ready to help with customized ideas for floral designs that are as unique as her. Your gesture will not soon be forgotten.WomensDay2015_1

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Plaid ties….oh my ????

jimsplaidtie2It’s still snowing but it is not too early to start thinking about green grass, garden flowers, weddings and PROM ! New for this spring from Jim’s Formal Wear are plaid ties in all sorts of yummy colors with socks and suspenders to match. Come on in and check it out along with the new tuxedo styles for prom or wedding wear .



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What about the flower girl?

bluepinknosegayWhat will the Bride carry? How many bouquets will we need? Tuxes or suits? Roses or lilies? Red ties or green? But, hey, what about the flower girl? if there is a flower girl in your wedding party you probably know what she would like to carry. Some are all about strewing petals but others are more comfortable to walk shyly down the aisle.

Last weekend’s wedding had two flower girls with quite an age span between them. They carried these adorable pomanders of orchids, mini carnations and delphinium blossoms. They are lightweight so its not a problem if your flower girl is very small.

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For the ceremony at Marshall Point Light / Reception at Echo Hill

kristiarborOn this blog we showcase bouquets and the like but today we want to show you what can be done to showcase an arbor. The wedding colors were black and white. Two pieces were made to hang on either side of the arbor. They featured white mums and calla lilies,tropical leaves and even a little bling to match the theme of the day.

The reception was held at Echo Hill a great reception venue. Colors being black and white the table decorations were simple yet very effective. I love the bling on the vases. It gives just the right pizazz.



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Coast of Maine wedding

purplecascadeLast weekend one of our Brides chose a cascade as her bridal bouquet. The cascade is an elegant, traditional design. This cascade designed by Leeanne featured lavender roses , larkspur , purple asters and Queen Anne’s Lace.

This style isn’t often chosen but its very dramatic and makes a statement.  It works well with roses, gerberas, callas and line flowers such as dendrobium orchids and delphinium. Different flower choices create a different look for the same design.

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